Planned Maintenance

The Armourpost team work with customers in planning an agreed schedule of maintenance, tailored to suit customer needs and regularity. This could be bi-annually or annually.

If anything becomes apparent at the time of the planned visit but is outside of the agreed remit, we can arrange for a quotation to be given detailing all necessary work.

A worksheet is generated after each planned visit, highlighting works carried out. Reduce costs . Risk of loss of revenue is reduced through regular inspection. Increase operational life of your product.

Reactive Maintenance

As part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction Armourpost provides a first class repairs and maintenance service, to keep your doors in good working condition, ensuring high efficiency and reliable operation. Armourpost is an ISO 9001 registered business with more than 20 years expertise in the repair, maintenance and installation of Commercial and Industrial doors

Our work is carried out by fully qualified and equipped, highly skilled service engineers, who have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and pride themselves on their quality workmanship. Thanks to our high performance team, implementing repair and maintenance solutions is part and parcel of our daily agenda.

Our prompt and efficient repairs` manned service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and extends nationwide. We also offer a rapid response service, which includes a 2 hour response on site from your initial call.

Our Repair engineers are strategically placed throughout the UK to maximise our response time and service.
As well as providing you with Reactive repairs` service that you can trust. Armourpost also offers an excellent maintenance package to ensure the longevity and efficient operation of your doors.

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