Material: 14 Gauge Aluminium.
Options: Brickbond or in-line.
Max width: 8 M.
Max height: 5 M.
Weight: 7.5 - 10kg/m sq.
Lath section: 90mm
Finishes: PPC or anodised.
Light transition: 30%.
Airflow: 40%.




The 'PROTEC' barrier protective rolling shutters maximise the 'no entry' message without hiding the display it fortifies. It gives total window protection, stylish security and an exceptionally high level of visibility. It can be manually or electrically operated with ease and speed. Its good looks and practical application make it one of the most popular curtain protections today.

The 'PROTEC' comes in a choice of powder coated finishes giving protection from dust, litter and villain attack. It is weather resistant and has an easy clean surface.

Constructed from 16 gauge interlocking lathes with punched holes. The inside face is specified to accommodate acrylic strip.

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