Material: Aluminium.
Options: Glass or lexan.
Max width: 6.0 M
Max height: 3.1 M.
Weight: 24.7kg/m sq.
Panel section: 350 mm
Finishes: PPC or anodised.
Light transition: 65%.
Airflow: 0%.




The Sentinel Vertical Sliding Shutter provides high security with stunning visual effects. The patented glazed vertical panel system allows all glazed panels to be of equal size, which is unique to the European Market.

Substantial Extruded Aluminium Panels provide the support for 6.4 laminated glass. The glass panels can be etched with the company logo to provide unique shop frontage. The shutter finish can be satin anodised or more commonly powder coated to any BS or RAL colour.

The single phase shutter motor is controlled by an internal or external keyswitch as standard. Should power failure ever occur then the shutter has a manual hand chain override ensuring access for customers at all times.

For wider entrances the Sentinel can be supplied with a removable sliding centre mullion which can be easily moved and stacked neatly away.

Armourpost can also provide pass doors to match this unique system should access be required whilst the shutter is in the closed position.

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