Material: Steel.
Options: Solid or vision panels.
Max width: 10 M.
Max height: 10 M.
Weight: 22kg/m sq.
Lath section: 82mm

Finishes: PPC, galvanised or plastisol.

U Value: 1.4

dB rating:18

Airflow: 0%.




Armourpost’s insulated rolling shutter can be use anywhere there is a need for both insulation and security. Ideal for areas such as rear goods doors, entrances and cold rooms.

- available in a range of finishes including galvanised, PPC, aluminium & stainless steel.
- the shutter lath can also be supplied punched with vision panels at required height.
-with this system, using a patented barrel, the coil up diameter is significally reduced.
- we use a CFC free infill in the lath to minimise the environmental impact.
-lath incorparates three ribbed features protected by
copyright for extra strengh.
- a bottom seal system is also available for this shutter to
provide increased weather resistance.
- this shutter can also be fitted with an alarm contact as an
optional extra if required.


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