Fire Curtains are designed as barriers to prevent the spread of fire. Fire curtains use side guide channels either side of the curtain to retain the fire resistant curtain material which is subjected to pressure in a fire.

Our fire curtains are also in accordance with BS EN1634-1, BS 476 Parts 6, 7 & 22.8, & BS 7346-3. Fire curtains are designed to activate upon receipt of a signal from either a fire alarm system, or locally positioned detector.

Fire Curtains are used to;

  1. act as a fire separating element within the building design to prevent the passage of smoke, heat, superheated gases and fire for a predetermined period of time in either the vertical or horizontal orientation.
  2.  assist designers to form fire compartmentation to minimise fire spread and/or to assist the SHEVS (smoke heat exhaust ventilation) system.
  3. descend after a set predetermined period of time, to a predetermined position to assist with protected means of escape.
  4. descend to a predetermined position for a predetermined time to create a smoke layer reservoir, ensuring the protected means of escape remains open longer prior to descending to their fire operational position after planned evacuation times.

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