- Range of Colours

- Stainless Steel Available

- Vision Panels Available

- Safety Edge as standard

- Radar as standard with optional     Induction Loops

- Pec Safety beams as standard

- Side, Head and Motor Covers 

- Break-Away Double Guide System







The door curtain is manufactured from panama weave PVC coated polyester in one of our standard colours of red, blue, orange, or grey complete with a full width PVC window 670mm deep set at 1200mm from floor level to the bottom of the window. There would be 3, 4 or 5 vertical bands in the window (quantity) subject to width) – one at either side of the aperture protruding into the window approximately 250mm and 1 ,2 or 3 equally spaced approximately 150mm wide – these are required to stabilise the PVC when the curtain is under tension.

Our standard scope of supply includes for the door to be complete with an optical failsafe safety reverse leading edge. Also included for is one safety ‘hold open’ optical beam to try to eliminate the door from returning downwards should there be any obstruction in its path. This beam would be set at approximately 300mm from floor level. An additional beam supplied loose is available at extra cost if required.

The door is standard with one open one close button and emergency stop factory wired onto the door of the control cabinet and with variable timer control for automatic closing. The door comes complete with Hard Bottom Safety Edge, additional PEC and 2 no. movement detectors

The rapid roll safe edge is designed with a break-away system with easy repair.

The drive unit is a single speed inverter compatible brake motor with direct drive onto the drum shaft complete with manual wind open facility. The door is counter balance assisted to minimise torque requirements on the motor unit. The drive unit is complete with a safety brake. It must be specified at placement of order whether the motor is to be mounted on the left hand side or the right hand side. Approximately 450mm of side room is required at barrel level to allow the motor to be slid onto the drum shaft.  The door comes complete with motor and barrel cover.

One standard control cabinet meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive 98/37EC.

Electrical power supply requirements – it is imperative that the door is operated on a filtered clean 240v electrical ac supply 16amp rating preferably designated single phase

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