Material: Aluminium & steel.
Options: Brickbond or in-line.
Max width: 7.5 M.
Max height: 5 M.
Weight: 14kg/m sq.
Lath section: 55mm.
Finishes: PPC or anodised.
Light transition:73%.
Airflow: 68%




The portcullis minimises visual intrusion on window displays whilst maintaining real security strength. This stylishly popular grille is available in Brick-bond or In-line design in silver satin anodised finish (as standard) or polyester powder coat in a huge choice of colours and tones. The colour choice is virtually unlimited for adaptation to specific corporate identities.

The portcullis is manufactured from horizontal sleeves with vertical aluminium links threaded to M8 zinc plate hardened steel rods which gives the open grille maximum strength. A masterpiece in style and practicality.

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